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Komoro Calls You. House for Rent.

by Building Markets
June 3, 2011

So a Timorese chap asked me to help him out with renting his house.

No problem!

Here is what he has to say:

“This beautiful house is currently available for rent. The house is situated in Komoro area about 6 minutes driving from main town depending on the traffic. The house has 3 bedrooms the master bedroom with AC has toilet inside with hot water, another bedroom with AC, one living room, one dining room also with AC, one big kitchen inside, another toilet is also inside the house. Security bar for all windows and wall around the house, one garage can be fitted for two cars. The area is save with a nice view to the hill and space in front yard for gardening during your free time.

It will be fully furnished once the agreement is made between the renter and the owner.

A generator will also be provided. If anyone of you or someone you might know who is interested, please contact me on Phone: 7260334 / 7232469. Thank you.”


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