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Kor Timor Supports Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste.

by Building Markets
September 22, 2008

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Announcing Partnership: Kor Timor and Peace Dividend Trust

Dili, Timor-Leste, 22 September 2008 – Kor Timor and the Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) today announced a partnership in promoting job creation and Timor-Leste’s domestic private sector. Kor Timor is a leading manufacturer of locally hand-made products (including but not limited to boxes, books, packaging, bags) made from recycled, hand-made paper and Timor tais. In support of the “ Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste.” campaign Kor Timor will display the logo and slogan (above) on its products in the future.

Located in Taibessi, Dili, next to the Juvenile Centre, Kor Timor employs 17 people and serves institutional customers such as the Office of the President, Government and the diplomatic community, as well as exporting a small quantity of products to Australia. It also supplies local outlets and has its own shop at its workplace. “When this employment project started in 2007, we hoped it would be successful and provide jobs into the future for Timorese people in the community. We are amazed at the success of our products and the response from our clients,” said Sheila Boston, Manager, Kor Timor.

The “Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste” campaign is designed to promote the domestic private sector and drive job creation. Launched by the Peace Dividend Trust and the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry in May 2008, the campaign is part of the Peace Dividend Trust Marketplace project. Approximately 1600 verified business profiles can be found on the Timor-Leste online procurement database online at https://www.buildingmarkets.org/. PDT also provides buyer-supplier matchmaking services in Dili and six district,s in addition to a comprehensive Tender Distribution Centre. All services are free of charge.

“I invite any and all interested parties who are eager to promote business in Timor-Leste to partner with us in promoting the Timor-Leste Online Procurement Database by mounting the logo and slogan on their products or capital assets,” said Edward Rees, Country Director of PDT. “The Ministry of Infrastructure was very supportive when it allowed us to mount the logo and slogan on the Nakroma Ferry.” “I am especially pleased that Kor Timor has joined with us as it is a small business with a big profile offering a niche product here and abroad,” said Celio Alves PDT Matchmaking Associate.

About Kor Timor

Kor Timor is a not-for-profit business, funded by an Australian donor and managed by an Australian volunteer. At a suitable time in the future, 3-5 years, after training and capacity development, Kor Timor will be given to the Timorese staff who work here to administer.
Kor Timor Unipesosal Lda
Rua Merkadu Taibessi
+670 733 4460
Website: via https://www.buildingmarkets.org/

About Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste
Peace Dividend Trust is an international NGO, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The Timor-Leste project is funded by AusAID. PDT is a not-for-profit entity. All of its services are provided to the community free of charge.

For more information, please contact:
Peace Dividend Trust
Estrada de Balide, Dili, East Timor
Phone: +670.332.282. Email: [email protected]

Atu anunsia imediatamente.

Anunsiu de paseiros : Kor Timor no Peace Dividend Trust

Dili.Timor-Leste,22-Setembru-2008-Kor Timor no Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) ohin anunsia parseira ida kona ba promosaun kriasaun empregu no sector privado domestiku Timor-Leste nian.Kor Timor mak lidera produtores ba produtus manuais lokal (inclui maibe la limite ba kaixas, livrus, falun sasan, pasta) halo husi surat tahan ujadu (Lixu) nebe bele uja fali no Tais Timor.Atu suporta kampanya ”Sosa Iha Rai Laran. Hari Timor-Leste” Kor Timor sei amostra logo no slougan (iha leten) ba nia produto iha futuru.

Hela iha Taibesi, Dili besik ba Centru Juvenil,Kor Timor iha empregadu nain 17 no servi konsumidores institusionais mak hanesan offisiu Presidenti nian, Governu no komunidade diplomatikus, nune’e mos haruka sai ba liur (Exporta) produtus ho kuantidade oituan ba Australia. Fo mos abastesimentu ba loja ki’ik sira no iha loja rasik iha servisu fatin.”wainhira projetu empregu ne’e komesa iha 2007, ami iha esperanca katak sei iha suksesu no fo empregu ba Timor oan sira iha futuru, iha komunidade laran.
Ami senti kontenti ho suksesu ami nia produtus no respostas husi ami nia clientes.” lia fuan husi Sheila Boston, jestor, Kor Timor.

Kampanye ”Sosa Iha Rai Laran. Hari Timor-Leste” dejenha atu promove sektor privadu domestiku no kria empregu. Lancamentu husi Peace Dividend Trust no Ministeriu Turismo, Komersiu no Industria iha fulan Maio 2008, kampanye ne’e hanesan parte ida husi projetu merkadoria Peace Dividend Trust nian. Besik 1600 (profile bisnis) dejenha negosio nebe verificadu ona no bele hare iha online databeis http://www.buildingmakets.org/. PDT mos provijiona servisu suporta ligasaun ba fa’an nain no sosa nain iha Dili no iha distritu 6 (nen), hanesan adisional ba centru distribuisaun tenderizasaun. Servisu hotu-hotu sei fo ho gratuita.

“Hau konvida parte ruma ou parte hotu-hotu nebe interisadu, nebe hakarak atu promove negosiu iha Timor-Leste atu halo parseria ho ami hodi promove Timor leste nia databeis aprovijionamente online ho tau logo no slougan iha sira nia produtus ou aset kapitais” lia husi Edward Rees, Reprezentante Direitor (Country Director) ba PDT iha Timor-Leste. ”Ministeiru Infrastuktura suporta makas wainhira husik ami atu lau logo no slougan iha Ró Nakroman”. ”hau laran kontenti tebes katak Kor Timor kolabora ona ho ita hanesan negosio ki’ik ida ho dezenha (profile) nebe boot i oferese produto atrai simpatia husi consumedores iha ne’e no iha rai liur” lia fuan husi Celio Alves PDT Machmaking Assosiate.

Kona ba Kor Timor

Kor Timor laos negosio nebe buka osan, hetan suporta finansialmente husi doadores Australiano no hetan jestaun husi volontariu husi Australia. Hare ba tempu nebe bele, iha tinan 3-5 oin mai, depois de treinamentu no dezenvolmentu kapasidade, Kor Timor sei entrega ba pesoal Timor oan nebe servisu iha ne’e atu jesta.

Kor Timor Unipesoal Lda
Rua Merkadu Taibessi
Website: via https://www.buildingmarkets.org/

Kona ba Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste

Peace DividendTrust hanesan ONG internasional ho nia base iha Ottawa, Canada. Projeito Timor-Leste hetan suporta finansialmente husi AusAID. PDT laos entidade nebe buka osan. Servisu hotu-hotu nebe nia oferese ba komunidade ne’e gratuita.

Presisa informacao ruma bele kontaktu:
Peace Dividend Trust
Estrada de Balide,Dili,East Timor
Telp:+670.332.282.Email: [email protected]

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