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Large European NGO Buyer – no not StuffMalaiLike

by Building Markets
April 1, 2011

Last night I was accused by a close friend of blogging close to the wind of “polemical nonsense”.  He is right and wrong.  Polemical perhaps, nonsense, no.

Five days ago, as I was drafting the final version of a press release announcing possible closure of PDT in Timor, a man knocked on my door totally unannounced.  He is the Admin boss / Logs guy for a large European NGO. I will not name him or the NGO but I am happy to put people in touch with him if they ask.  He just arrived in Timor from Haiti where he had some contact with my mates from the Peace Dividend Marketplace Project in in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

He had a good impression of our services from Haiti and he was almost desparate for help from us here in Dili. He is in really urgent need of supplier information as his NGO is about to potentially launch a large rural development programme funded by the EU and had no idea on how to engage with the local marketplace. Surprise – surprise.  He just arrived and speaks no relevant language, but knows his bucks can go far on the ground.

Given all my polemics over the past 4 years I think the reason why international actors should engage with the local marketplace is now pretty obvious to the reader of this blog.  Despite the hilarious (and I think cogent) rantings of “StuffMalaiLike”.

But when this dude told me what he wanted I was struck by 3 things

  1. how much money he is potentially looking to spend in Timor-Leste, as opposed to Darwin or Surabaya;
  2. how much comes from Darwin and Suryabaya in the end; but I can help accelerate local sourcing as opposed to sending an email to Australia or Indonesia asking for containers to be sent;
  3. what a shame it is that due to a downsizing of our Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste project announced here today that we might not be able to help as much as what we would like.

His request for assistance in sourcing good and services locally is below.

“Following our conversation, here by would like to request the following information base the following categories of services and products details.

List of Suppliers for Food security and agriculture products:

  1. Seeds: beans, vegetables, corn, potatoes, etc. first class and adaptable for Timor Leste
  2. Main poultry contacts,
  3. Tools: shovel, hoe, axe, wheelbarrows, fertilizers, pickaxe, spade, etc.
  4. Booth
  5. Tubes for watering vegetable garden (drop-drop system)

List of suppliers for water and Sanitation:

  1. Canalization tubes PVC
  2. Cements
  3. Sands
  4. Artist: sensitization materials
  5. Well construction companies
  6. Bole hall construction companies
  7. Construction materials

List of suppliers for Nutritional products:

  1. Scales 50kg for weighting children with hanging rope
  2. Nutritional food: Plapinut

List of Suppliers for Logistics:

  1. Generator 10 to 15KA, Kubota, Caterpillar, German brands, Janise brand
  2. Moto bikes, 125 CC, 160 CC Honda, Yamaha and please recommends what really necessary for Timor Leste.
  3. Electrical materials
  4. Construction materials
  5. Vehicles Hardtop Land cruiser brand new 11 seater, Toyota Land cruiser 5 doors, 78 models, Hilux Double cabin
  6. Office stationary
  7. Office furniture
  8. House furniture
  9. IT: Computer: Desktop, Laptop
  10. Communication, HF radio (High Frequency) and VHF models G380,

List of Suppliers for Transport:

  1. Transporters from Dili to Ermera district
  2. Rental car trustworthy company and cheap
  3. Fuel Station

List of Suppliers Service provider

  1. Electricity
  2. Plombery
  3. Electron repairs
  4. Air condition repairs and installation
  5. Building work
  6. Repair IT materials, electronic equipment.
  7. Individual or company searching for house and office Space”

The facts speak for themselves I suppose.

By the way StuffMalaiLike is very funny. Kudos.

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