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Liquica Online –

by Building Markets
June 23, 2008

The Peace Dividend Trust Verification team has completed the first stage of surveying businesses in the District of Liquica. 26 businesses are now online.

The results can be found online at

A snapshot of the goods and services that can be procured in Liquica are as follows:

Construction services: Building (houses, school, offices), bridges, concertina wire/retaining wall, plumbing, water channel, water and sanitation services and rubbish collection services.

Metal furniture (doors, windows, beds, chairs), welding doors, windows and bed. Car and motorcycles maintenance and repairing. Motorcycles spare parts supply (tires).

Stationary, foodstuffs, drinking water, beer and soft drinks. Photocopy and laminating services.

Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serves both Asian and Portuguese food. Catering services for up to 200 persons.

Home and office furniture: Tables, chairs, cupboards, doors, windows and beds. Construction materials (doors frame and windows frame). Carpentry. Agriculture activities including plant vegetables, tomatoes and papaya. Seeds and seedlings. Weaving tais (traditional textile).

Restaurant serves Asian and western food. Catering services for up to 100 persons. Accommodation available for rent (4 normal rooms).

Civil construction: Buildings, bridges, concertina wire/retaining wall, plumbing, water channel, water and sanitation services.

Metalworks: Short machete, knife, ax and crowbar.

Rattan furniture: Chairs, tables, cupboards and beds.

Tobacco Plantation: Planting and selling tobacco.

Please report any gaps and errors to [email protected]

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