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Local Language – Lian Lokal.

by Building Markets
March 24, 2011

I am going to take a dig at my colleagues in Ottawa, New York, Port-au-Prince, and Kabul here:


Just about every report I have ever read about the aid industry tells us that local language is important, and that we generally fail to take note of this fact almost every time, and every where it counts. Using local languages increases effectiveness.

Here at PDT we recently put out a snazzy animated video explaining the Peace Dividend Markeplace projects – in English only? See below.


So in Dili we went and got it dubbed into Tetun – the Timorese staff were adamant we do it, and as usual on such issues they are absolutely correct.  See below.


I wonder when will the appropriate versions come out in Haiti and Afghanistan?

And what about Liberian English and one of the myriad of langauges in South Sudan?

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