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by Building Markets
September 15, 2008


The Manufahi District Business Community is Now Online –

Dili, Timor-Leste, 12 January 2008 – Today marks the launch of the online profiles of the Manufahi business community. Buyers, both domestic and international, can now access complete information about the full range of suppliers in Manufahi District on the south central coast of Timor-Leste. A resource rich area which enjoys two rainy seasons which is also relatively under populated Manufahi holds considerable promise.

Pictured here is PDT business verification assistant Lili Nunes with Carpintaria Ria Lau which make home and office furniture, school benches, beds, windows, doors and frames and shrines.

The Hotel and Restaurant Manu Fahi provide 12 rooms in which 3 double beds rooms with toilet in each room, 9 single rooms with toilets in each room. Restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and supper. Type of food provided is Asian and Portuguese food. Catering is from 100 persons.

Scorpion Unipesoal Lda. makes building blocks/bricks, both construction and building new houses, bridges, roads, irrigation, plumbing, retaining wall, drainages and water installation.

About Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste
Peace Dividend Trust is an international NGO, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The Timor-Leste project is funded by AusAID. PDT is a not-for-profit entity. All of its services are provided to the community free of charge.

For more information, please contact:

Peace Dividend Trust
Estrada de Balide, Dili, East Timor
Phone: +670.332.2823 Email: [email protected]

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