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Meet Daniel Togba: Tender Distribution Client Service Officer

by Building Markets
June 14, 2012

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Markets’ country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we also want to showcase the people who are directly responsible for it. With our newest project in Liberia ramping up, we’re taking the opportunity to do that right from the start. Every Monday and Thursday we will introduce you to a member of the team in Liberia through this blog. Read on for one profile below.

Building Markets helps businesses in Liberia, and our Tender Distribution Services (TDS) is probably one of the crucial and exciting ways we do this.

International companies or organizations working in Liberia often advertise the goods and services they need publicly in the form of a tender or other solicitation. Qualified companies from all over the world can bid on these opportunities, ensuring that the process is fair and transparent. But local business owners in Liberia don’t always know where to find tender announcements or may not have the ability to physically locate them. This is where Building Markets and Daniel Togba, among others, come in.

The Tender Distribution Service collects tender announcements daily and uploads them to the Liberia Business Portal site so they are all in one, easily accessible place. Building Markets also sends tender notifications to relevant business owners via SMS or email. This helps local business owners in Liberia find opportunities they otherwise might not have seen.

As part of this service, Daniel greets visitors to Building Markets’ tender distribution office.  He provides information about tender opportunities to local businesses and helps them navigate these opportunities and take advantage of Building Markets’ other services. Previously, he worked as an administrative officer for other NGOs working in Liberia. He joined Building Markets because “connecting entrepreneurs and creating jobs in Liberia will lead to economic growth and alleviate poverty.”

Daniel thinks that the most important thing a business in Liberia can do is register with the Liberian government, which will encourage banks and international organizations to respect and rely on Liberian businesses.

For a better understanding of our tender distribution services, watch this short video clip from our field staff in Afghanistan.

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