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Meet Emmanuel Cummings and Mamadee Sackor

by Building Markets
May 21, 2012

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Markets’ country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we also want to showcase the people who are directly responsible for it. With our newest project in Liberia ramping up, we’re taking the opportunity to do that right from the start. Every Monday and Thursday we will introduce you to a member of the team in Liberia through this blog. Read on for one profile below.

On left: Mamadee Sackor; right: Emmanuel Cummings

The two logistics officers for the Sustainable Marketplace Initiative in Liberia have quite a lot in common. They both work for Building Markets in order to positively shape their country, a country that they describe as green, beautiful and filled with people who are full of love and passion.

Both manage the many logistical aspects of the project in Liberia, which is often a big undertaking. They arrange the daily travel of the verification team as they visit businesses in Monrovia. This will become even more challenging in upcoming months when the team pushes past Monrovia to verify businesses throughout the rest of the country. They also undertake administrative tasks large and small – things like ensuring the generator fuel is refilled and ensuring the vehicles are well-maintained. Things that are rarely noticed but are essential to keeping the operation going.

Prior to working for Building Markets, Mamadee was a Logistics Officer at Ecohomes/Liberia. Mamadee’s favorite local dish is palm butter, and he enjoys spending time with his son and friends when he isn’t working.

Before Building Markets, Emmanuel worked as an office assistant with the EU team to the General Auditing Commission of Liberia. His favorite dish is potato green, and he spends his free time on the beach as much as possible.

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