Meet Isaac Moore: Business Verification Assistant - Building Markets

Meet Isaac Moore: Business Verification Assistant

by Building Markets
June 4, 2012

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Markets’ country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we also want to showcase the people who are directly responsible for it. With our newest project in Liberia ramping up, we’re taking the opportunity to do that right from the start. Every Monday and Thursday we will introduce you to a member of the team in Liberia through this blog. Read on for one profile below.

“The Sustainable Marketplace Initiative is an innovative approach to giving my beloved country a second chance,” Isaac Moore says. “With the past experiences of Building Markets in other countries with similar or even worse case scenarios, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this team of dedicated professionals to help rebuild my country’s economy.”

Isaac is a Business Verification Assistant, which means he interviews local businesses for a listing on the directory and possible matchmaking opportunities. These businesses must be officially registered with the Liberian government.

If you ever visit Liberia, Isaac recommends taking a trip through the countryside to experience more cultural and traditional practices. Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County has a beautiful natural landscape. Isaac enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids and loves watching soccer, which he calls “almost a religion for me.”

Isaac has worked with several local NGOs in the past and has great hope for Liberia’s private sector.

“With little or no support from the government or other local partners, some Liberian owned businesses are doing pretty well. There is definitely a great sense of determination, hard work and honesty from the local entrepreneurs,” Isaac says. “If local businesses are given the proper environment, they will definitely grow.”


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