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Meet Johannson Dahn: Business Verification Officer and Team Leader

by Building Markets
May 7, 2012

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Market’s country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we also want to showcase the people who are directly responsible for it. With our newest project in Liberia ramping up, we’re taking the opportunity to do that right from the start. Every Monday and Thursday we will introduce you to a member of the team in Liberia through this blog. Read on for one profile below.

“The economy of Liberia is growing at an incredible speed and rate,” Johannson Dahn says. Is it any wonder that he joined the Building Markets’ Sustainable Marketplace Initiative in Liberia?

Johannson is a Business Verification Officer and Team Leader for the verification team. He is responsible for informing the business community in Liberia about the Sustainable Marketplace Initiative, the benefits for participating businesses and for coordinating the work of the verification team.

Johannson comes from a research background, working on projects such as an Ex-combatant Economy Reintegration Survey, research on land mines, and national surveys on governance and human rights. Johannson was interested in working with Building Markets in order to increase his knowledge about the Liberian marketplace through a research-oriented methodology.

He believes there are many opportunities for local businesses to grow in Liberia, given the presence of so many multi-national companies, foreign investors and NGOs in Liberia. “The strengths of local businesses are in their ability to provide goods to the public despite major obstacles such as the lack of loans with low-interest rates,” Johannson says,

He says there are many things for visitors to Liberia to see and do, but the best thing to do before visiting the West African nation is to visit the Building Markets Web site to “get information on the business climate and marketplace of Liberia.” We agree!

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