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Meet Linda Matadi-Curtis: Call Center Assistant

by Building Markets
June 21, 2012

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Markets’ country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we also want to showcase the people who are directly responsible for it. With our newest project in Liberia ramping up, we’re taking the opportunity to do that right from the start. Every Monday and Thursday we will introduce you to a member of the team in Liberia through this blog. Read on for one profile below.

“Liberia’s local businesses are not too strong and not too weak. With the intervention of Building Markets in Liberia, I am of the strongest conviction that in few months from now, businesses will grow stronger and stronger.”

That’s Linda Mataldi-Curtis, one of our Call Center Assistants. One way to make businesses stronger is to expand their client base by getting the word out about them. Building Markets does this in a variety of ways, and Linda helps with one very necessary one: re-verification.

You may remember verification. It’s when Building Markets staff members make site visits to individual businesses throughout Liberia to collect basic information about those businesses and to ensure they are registered with the proper entities. Once a business is verified, it is listed in the Building Markets online supplier directory. This directory is an easy-to-use resource for buyers in Liberia.

In order to keep this information accurate and up-to-date, Building Markets double checks the information every six months by calling each business. This is what we call re-verification.

The call center performs other necessary functions as well. It calls businesses about relevant business matchmaking events and to conduct surveys for market research reports. The Building Markets call center is a powerhouse of information giving and gathering!

But Linda does more than make phone calls at work. She likes to dance, spend time on the Internet and eat her favorite dish fufu and palm butter. Fufu is a dough-like substance made out of starchy vegetables, like plantains or yams. This is dipped in palm butter, the juice of the palm nut stewed with herbs, spices and meat. Sounds delicious!

Learn more about the verification process by watching this short video from our field staff:

[youtube width=”520″ height=”300″][/youtube]


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