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Merry Christmas Merpati, and a Happy New Year Batavia!

by Building Markets
December 27, 2010

Plane ticket prices must be the only price that is dropping in Dili, but they are, indeed they are.

Well we have all heard about a new airline coming to the Dili-Bali route for some time. Usually hopes are raised and then dashed. Well its now a fact, and prices are dropping dropping dropping.

First news came out yesterday and was pushed via Timor-Leste Tweeps “@malaebulak” and “@giantpandinha“.

Then weekly newspaper Tempo Semanal has just published on its online edition news a story about Indonesian airline Batavia commencing operations in Dili in cooperation with a group of Timorese businesspeople. First flight today?

Then I looked at a recent airline ticket I booked and noticed a shocking 33% drop in the Merpati ticket. Competition has arrived.

Merpati price plummets to $238

Those Batavia lads must have read my earlier blog posting on “Timorese Confidence” and slapped the plane on the deck, either that or just realised that undercutting Merpati on its most profitable route just made “plane” good sense.

Book on Batavia here:

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