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Micromatchmaking in Bobonaro and Covalima Districts

by Building Markets
August 26, 2008

On July 22nd, a Micro Matchmaking team consisting of Domingos Savio, Brigida Soares and Ilidio X da Costa met with Mr. Fernando Mendez, the UNMIT Public Information Officer for Bobonaro. A valuable client, Mr. Mendez regularly contacts Micro Matchmaking staff for assistance in finding goods for personal use and has also informed the UNMIT staff about PDT’s Micro Matchmaking services. At this meeting, Mr. Mendez provided both feedback on the Micro Matchmaking services and updated information on the UNMIT and UNPOL staff in the district. In Bobonaro, Ilidio X da Costa also interviewed Mrs. Jacinta Pereira, a business owner in the Maliana market. Content with the work of the Micro Matchmaking staff, Mrs. Pereira explained that she now supplies Mr. Mendez with fruits, vegetables and local eggs because of a relationship started by the Micro Matchmaking service.
In an effort to further support local business owners, the Micro Matchmaking team interviewed Mr. Marcelino Pinto, a supplier of rattan furniture in Ogues, a suco of Covalima. Mr. Pinto said that, through Micro Matchmaking staff in the districts and in Dili, he has received requests for rattan furniture from OXFAM, UNPOL and a Brazilian teacher. Micro Matchmaking staff also delivered to Mr. Pinto a request quote for rattan furniture from Hotel Esplanada, based in Dili. Given the increase in requests for his products stimulated by the Micro Matchmaking services, Mr. Pinto has decided to purchase a mobile phone to facilitate business transactions.
On July 24th, a Micro Matchmaking team consisting of Maria Barros, Brigida Soares and Ilidio X da Costa met with Mr. Rastatuto Mendonza Padilla, the UNPOL Operation Officer for Covalima. Mr. Padilla expressed his satisfaction with the assistance provided by Micro Matchmaking staff in finding both a house that UNPOL staff now rent and also a local supplier of fresh fish.

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