Turkey: Overview & Impact


Country Context


Population: 82.3 million (2018, World Bank)

Languages: Turkish (official)

Monetary unit: Turkish Lira

Main Exports:  apparel, food, textiles, metal manufactures, transport equipment

GNI per capita: $10,280 (2018, World Bank)

ODA received: 6.2 billion (2016, OECD)

Human Development Index ranking: 64/189 (2017, UNDP)

Estimated GDP growth: 7.4% (2017, CIA Factbook)


Population: 16.9 million (2018, World Bank)

Languages: Arabic (official)

Monetary unit: Syrian Pound

Main Exports:  crude oil, minerals, petroleum products, fruits and vegetables, cotton fiber, textiles, meat and live animals, wheat

Human Development Index ranking: 155/189 (2017, UNDP)

Estimated GDP growth: -36.5% (2014, CIA Factbook)

Products & Services

Market Research


Building Markets is uniquely positioned to support the growth of refugee-led businesses in Turkey. Since 2016, the organization has developed an extensive network of Syrian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), published ground-breaking research that has brought visibility to their operations and economic contributions, and designed tailored services to facilitate their access to new opportunities. Building Markets works closely with local partners to implement its programs, including Turkish businesses.  

Bringing Visibility to Local Firms

Building Markets has collected more than 100,000 data points on over 1,000 Syrian SMEs. Services include:

  • Verification of companies through in-person mobile surveys to identify growth constraints and capabilities. 
  • Creating tailored businesses profiles on our matchmaking platform: entrepreneurs.buidingmarkets.org 

Training and Mentorship

Building Markets' training services rely on internal and external experts. Topics are driven by data collected directly from SMEs on their self-identified needs. Building Markets' , and its local partners', training services have reached over 100 SMEs and over 1,000 entrepreneurs.Training is offered through:

  • In-person group and individual sessions covering business areas such as sales and marketing, financial management, and introduction to exporting.
  • Our online training platform, which offers SMEs aaccess to technical knowledge, business resources, and supplements our in-person services.

Connecting SMEs to Supply Chains and Investment

Building Markets integrates local SMEs into supply chains and connects them to investment by making valuable information available to suppliers, buyers, and investors by: 

  • Collecting and sharing tenders on our matchmaking platform.
  • Providing on-demand matchmaking briefs and sourcing support that fast-tracks buyer access to local goods and services.
  • Connecting investors with SMEs positioned for scale and investment.
  • Organizing networking functions, forums, and other events that showcase local SMEs, their offerings, and enable business relationships.

Market Research 

We leverage our extensive data to produce market assessments, sector-specific reports, and to share other trends and analysis on our network of SMEs.


From 2016-2018, Building Markets offered services to Syrian-led civil society organizations. Resources and products from this program can be accessed in our reports and through: syriancivilsociety.org 


For more information, please email turkey@buildingmarkets.org  

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