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PDM-H facilitates contracts with the World Food Program

by Anne Merametdjian
April 15, 2010

Camp Charlie, the World Food Program’s staff camp located in Tabarre consists of 350 people and is the largest UN staff camp in the world. In January they had no local food suppliers. WFP made a conscious decision to support Haiti’s recovery by buying its provisions locally. By February, with PDM-H’s help, the first contract of fresh vegetables was awarded to Haitian vendors.

In March a second contract for beverages and a third one for meat were awarded. WFP is now also buying general maintenance products such as soap and detergent from a local supplier and has asked PDT to find water and laundry service providers.

The suppliers are being registered on the UN’s Global Marketplace vendor database and WFP now spends around $19,000 USD per month on provisions provided by Haitian vendors.

Joey Renert, the UN camp manager:’’ I wish to thank you and the work that Peace Dividend Trust has performed for the UN Camp in finding local suppliers during this challenging time. WFP is in the process of putting (the suppliers referred by PDT) onto vendor contracts. These organizations would not have been found without the assistance of PDT. All the best to you and the important work you are doing to help the rebuilding of Haiti!

PDM-H has now more than 500 Haitian companies on it’s Business Portal  http://haiti.buildingmarkets.org.

Visit our Portal now or call us to submit your list of goods and services at (509) 2941 – 1003/ 1004

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