PDT Buy Local Website www.buy-in-timor.org goes over 100,000 hits

June 14th, 2010

With 78,896 unique views the Peace Dividend Marketplace online business portal www.buy-in-timor.org now has more 100,000 hits registered.  This business portal features over 2,600 verified domestic business profiles organized by sector and location, enabling international and national buyers to gain quick and easy access to local suppliers. Peace Dividend Marketplace staff regularly verify and add new businesses to ensure information is accurate and representative of Timor-Leste’s growing private sector. Since creation in May 2008 the business portal has shown to be a great success with a steady rate of visitors. The Timor-Leste Building Markets site will soon adopt PDT’s new Business Portal look and feel. The changes will make the site more user friendly for buyers and suppliers, providing direct access to the information needed to tap into the Timorese marketplace.

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