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PDT Welcomes New MTCI Members to Verification Team

by Building Markets
September 16, 2009

After successfully completing a six month training program with Peace Dividend Trust (PDT), two staff from the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry (MTCI) return back to their home office. Now, three new members are welcomed into the PDT Verification Team in order to learn the methodology and skills needed to maintain an extensive business database system.

This partnership between the two organizations is laying the framework for the eventual transfer of PDT’s entire business database, http://www.buy-in-timor.org/, over to MTCI. The Ministry has continually expressed its pleasure with the work PDT has put into building the database, as well as its plans to one day manage and support the entire system.

The Three New MTCI Members in PDT Verification Office: Isabel Moreira, Ermelinda Lay and Ishmail G. Amaral

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