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Plantes et Services: Growing in Haiti

by Ivy Kuperberg
April 25, 2012

Laguerre Jean Dieusel has been able to increase his business’s employees five-fold thanks to PDT.

As the owner of Plantes et Services, an agricultural supply firm, Dieusel works in a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture, aviculture, trade, and maintenance. His firm sources everything from fruit trees to goats, and had been previously selected by the South-East Consortium for Economic Development (SECID) to be part of USAID’s Haiti Productive Land Uses System Project.

However, even though Plantes et Services had experience working with international donors, Dieusel was unable to compete for international tenders due to the confusing nature of the bidding process. Attending a PDT training in 2009 changed all of that. As Dieusel explains:

“Tenders from international organizations could be very long and tedious-there were many differences in the requirements of international versus national tenders, and we weren’t sure how to adjust our bids to fulfill these new standards. The PDT training was particularly helpful since it went through a section-by-section breakdown of the tender process. Thus, even if certain parts of the bidding process were familiar, I was able to narrow in on the specific differences and learn how to complete those sections accordingly.”

In applying these lessons, Dieusel successfully bid for over half a million dollars worth of contracts for Catholic Relief Services, World Vision, ACTED and Concern. To fulfill these contracts, Dieusel was able to increase business’s employees from 3 to 15. As he continues to bid for tenders, he hopes to increase even more.





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