Respected Local Brand Establishes Regional Export Foothold During Pandemic

Natural Care Pro responded to the pandemic's flat market by repositioning itself not just as a trusted local brand, but as a successful regional exporter.


Natural Care Pro produces cosmetics and nutritional supplements made from safe and natural ingredients. This Istanbul-based company has prioritized the purity and quality of their product to establish a strong brand reputation in Turkey.


Initially, Natural Care Pro focused only on wholesale contracts and retail sales in Turkey’s domestic market. However, payment methods in Turkey, such as the predominance of credit and long-term payments, obstructed the company’s growth. Like many other businesses, Natural Care Pro also faced challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, including the inability to meet with clients, travel restrictions, and financial and legal process delays.

Building Markets’ solution

Natural Care Pro decided to pivot toward exporting their products, and working with Building Markets, found their first international buyer during COVID-19 pandemic.



  • A rapid pivot to exporting secured international contracts valued at $441k
  • Significant staffing increase of 15 new hires 
  • Positioned to leverage future opportunities as pandemic restrictions recede


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