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Riders, PDT Committed to Building Timor-Leste

by Building Markets
September 3, 2009

Riders pass in front of PDT banner.
The international attention captured by Tour de Timor offered a wider audience the chance to see the direct impact of buying local. Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) capitalized on this opportunity by encouraging all international visitors to first look to Timorese products when making purchases.

While shopping, race participants viewed firsthand the quality and personality of Timorese handicrafts. One Australian biker offered her feedback to PDT, “Timor Leste crafts are beautifully colored, happy genuine products of a country that needs you to buy!” And now, facilitated by events like Tour de Timor, more international dollars are flowing directly into the coffers of Timorese businesses, creating local jobs and directly enhancing nationwide stability.

Bikers browse Timorese products.

PDT continues to support and assist these local businesses ready to deliver their products to market. With an online business database of over 2,250 enterprises, PDT offers quick results to buyers seeking local goods and services. In one recent example, PDT received a request for a large quantity of tais (a traditional Timorese fabric) bags to be manufactured for Tour de Timor. Within five days, the 83 bags were completed and delivered by Oaseq, a tailoring shop in Baucau, resulting in $415 spent locally.

With the conclusion of the race and the departure of the majority of riders, Peace Dividend Trust continues its campaign of “Buy local. Build Timor-Leste.”. The trademark banner was even captured by the exclusive video of Tour de Timor, produced by Timorese television station Tempo Semanal. (To view the whole video, click here.)

PDT featured on official Tour de Timor video.

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