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Singapore – Dili – Good for business.

by Building Markets
June 25, 2008

Dili – Singapore Direct Flights

For your info. AustAsia Airlines.
Flight Schedule

Flight codes for Singapore – Dili – Singapore is as follows :

MI295 : Dili to Singapore

MI296 : Singapore to Dili

Flights to Dili from Singapore are regular weekly scheduled passenger flights for month of July. Effective August the flights will increase to twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Commencing November the flights will become three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Flying time is 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Passports must be valid & hold a minimum of 6 months validity from return date

Day Route Departure Arrival Check-In Time

Tuesday or Friday or Thursday or Saturday Singapore to Dili
09:20 LT 14:15 LT 07:00 LT

Tuesday or Friday or Thursday or Saturday Dili to Singapore
15:25 LT 18:10 LT 12:00 LT

The Aircraft

Austasia Airlines is currently utilizing an A319 aircraft from Silk Air to service the direct Singapore-Dili routes. The A319 offers 12 Business Class seats and 106 Economy Class seats.

Published Fares

Rates are quoted in United States Dollars and are subject to change without notice

Economy Class

Adult one way US$ 345.00
Adult Return US$ 690.00

Business Class

Adult one way US$ 810.00
Adult return US$ 1,620.00

Rates are not inclusive of applicable taxes.

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