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Social Dili, and eyeglasses for $1,200?

by Building Markets
February 17, 2011

So its an increasingly social world in Dili. Parties abound, consumption is booming, I even see Timorese youth toting laptops by the beach with USB modems cruising the internet. No doubt some are looking for work here.

As for the mountains? A tougher issue for certain, and time will tell. Although I did get a SMS recently telling me Manatuto got its first Mini-Mart ever, and I mean in history, just a while back.

Places normally inhabited by foreigners only are more and more Timorese hang outs. Bars, restos, shops, you name it.  The Timorese middle class has arrived. Is it sustainable? I am not sure, but that is not just a matter of economics, but also politics, so I will steer clear of that debate.

Timorese are jumping into another social scene with two feet.  Social media like Facebook and Twitter. The staff here at PDT are taking to their new blogging tasks with some gusto our latest addition is Baptista da Silva.

Hailing from Manufahi District, he was very surprised to find some eyewear costing $1,200 in Dili not too long ago, in a new and as far as I know the only Optician in town.

Our other social types are Eduardo da CostaBrigida SoaresIlidio Ximenes da Costa, and Apolinario Guterres.

We will soon have more bloggers coming online – all of them are writing in Tetun, as the national audience grows by the day.

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