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Sometimes we make mistakes.

by Building Markets
May 30, 2011

In December 2008 we verified the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) as they offer flight services around Timor-Leste with a variable set of prices depending on the nature of the customer.  I have taken their flight to Oecusse on two occasions. Great value and great service.  There will soon be a for profit domestic air service offered by Air Timor – which looks great – see here for the Air Timor Cessna under assembly in the USA.

Here is a pic from the MAF flight overlooking Pante Makasser, Oecusse.

Wheeling around to the Oecusse run way from the west.

The Nakroma landing in Oecusse

However, on occasion we do not offer such a great service – I discovered a mistake. But we all make mistakes and we must try and learn from them.

Anyway I was looking into contacting (MAF) again and checked out the Timor-Leste Business Portal business profile we have for them here. Anyway I emailed them and discovered the email bounced. We had the wrong email. Then I found out we had not reverified them in 2 years. This is much below our usual standard. Anyway it is well on its way to being fixed.  Their website is here.

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