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Sosa Iha Rai Laran – makes it to Lisbon

by Building Markets
February 4, 2011


So there is a dude named Fidelis, no not the one named Fidel in Cuba, but the one that is currently in Lisbon Portugal.  As a man from Maliana he is a long way from home. He came across something a couple of days ago in Lisbon which reminded him I suppose of me here in Dili. So he sent in a photo.

Sosa iha rai laran.

So where is this? Its the support center for Timorese in Lisbon.  It has a library which specializes in Timor-Leste, provides free internet and a phone to call home for Timorese.  He tells me that “they sell Timor products with PDT stickers all over.”  I have no idea how they got there, but get there they did….

Located right in front of the Portuguese Parliament, its called the “Biblioteca Por Timor“. Obrigado Fidelis.

The real Fidelis.

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