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Successful matchmaking in Bobonaro

by Building Markets
September 29, 2010


Successful story of rice transaction in Bobonaro from August!

Julio L Mau,  a buyer from Maliana, Bobonaro interested in purchasing a large quantity of rice contacted the Business matchmaking team from Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) in Timor-Leste when needing help to find a local supplier.  PDT’s Business Matchmaking team utilized their network throughout Bobonaro locating suppliers of local rice for Mr. Julio to purchase. Francisca Seu and Monica Soares, individual farmers operating under the company Depende, Unipessoal Lda have been operating in the district for a while and had the capacity to perform the order.   PDT offered matchmaking services in Bobonaro where District Matchmaking Assistants Domingas dos Santos and Joao Manuel were able to facilitated the transaction of 21.960 Kg/Local rice for an estimated value of $8,784 to Mrs.Seu and Mrs. Soares. The buyer, Mr. Julio,  acts as the middleman, purchasing the local buyer and selling them to buyers in Dili ending up on plates all over Dili.

For more information please visit the buildingmarkets site or contact PDT via email: [email protected]. There is no number available for Mrs Seu and Mrs Soares, for more information please contact PDT matchmaking staff at number+ 670 332 2823.

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