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Jeff Wishnie

Jeff Wishnie

Software Architect, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jeff has spent over 15 years working in technology for international development (T4D). In 2009 he co-founded and co-led the social impact practice for ThoughtWorks. In 2014 he founded and led Mercy Corp’s T4D program. And in 2016 he helped to launch the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at the UN Foundation. From 2018 to 2021, he turned his focus to politics, using his applied technology skills to provide support and services to Democratic electoral campaigns. Since 2021, Jeff has focused on refreshing his hands-on software development skills as Software Architect for the biosciences company Thermo Fisher Scientific. Jeff previously served on the boards of the T4D focused non-profits Human Network International (HNI) and the Social Impact Lab (SIMLab). Jeff holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction from Stanford University.

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