Build, Develop and Maintain Open Government Data Portal Tender

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Build, Develop and Maintain Open Government Data Portal Tender
Buyer Name: Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship - Jordan
Sector: Information and communication
Tender Link:
Location: Jordan
Opening Date: 13-Jun-2022
Closing Date: 03-Jul-2022
Closing Time: 09:30:00 GM3

Request For Proposal (Rfp) for Build, Develop And Maintain Open Government Data Portal

The open data availability process has faced the following challenges:

1. The current open data platform:

a. Support only Manual data uploading and updating for human error due to manual reporting

b. There is no capability of notifying data coordinators about datasets status and due tasks.

c. Does not support Data Visualization

d. Unavailability of up to date dataset (real-time data) due to manual data preparation

e. Does not support API or offer API endpoint for querying and retrieving data.

f. Existing metadata schema is not conform to international standards such as, ducat,


2. Multiple data platforms (open data platform, data classification platform, open data quality platform),

there for :

a. There is Difficulties for government entities to work in three different platforms,

b. And Difficulties in Integration for these three platforms and data interoperability

The Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship (MoDEE is seeking a bidder capable of providing

requirements and demonstrating clear and state of the art implementation for the unified national

portal for Open Data.

The duration time for implementing this project is (365) calendar days in addition to 36 months

maintenance and warranty from the preliminary acceptance. The winning bidder will be responsible

for successful delivery of the project within specified timeframe and has to follow agreed tasks and

achieve desired goals and objectives so the project is managed efficiently and effectively. Also, the

bidder will be required to finance lump sum cost of the project according to Annex 5.4

All Inquiries With Respect To This Rfp Are To Be Addressed To The Modee In Writing By E-mail With The Subject

build, Develop And Maintain Open Government Data Portal". Inquiries Can Only Be

Addressed To [] By [19/6/2022]. Responses Will Be Published On The Tender Page

On Modee Website No Later Than [26/6/2022]. Questions And Answers Will Be Shared With All Bidders Primary


The Bidder shall submit a (Tender Bond) proposal security on a form similar to the

attached format in Jordanian Dinars for a flat sum of (3000 J.D) (in a separate sealed

envelope. The bond will be in the form of bank guarantee from a reputable registered

bank, located in Jordan, selected by the bidder


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