Call for Expression of Interest for Individual Consultants for Strengthening the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Forces Phase III Project

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Call for Expression of Interest for Individual Consultants for Strengthening the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Forces Phase III Project
Buyer Name: UNDP Country Office - TURKEY
Sector: Admin support service activities
Tender Link:
Location: Turkey
Opening Date: 26-Feb-2020
Closing Date: 04-Dec-2020
Closing Time: 11:59PM GMT2
1. Eligibility This “Call for Expression of Interest” is open for Individual Consultants.
2. Purpose The aim of the Call is to establish a qualified pool of consultants who can deliver professional services on a short-term basis for the conduct of training activities on civilian oversight of internal security forces (ISFs), performance evaluation, crime prevention, parliamentary oversight of the ISFs, local prevention and security plan, security governance and human rights related topics within the scope of Strengthening the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Forces Phase III Project. Thematic areas to be covered, are listed in Attachment 1 (Generic Terms of Reference).
3. Deadline The Call for Expression of Interest will be open until December 4th, 2020 (subject to extension, as needed by UNDP), since the project will need to deploy several short-term consultants throughout the project duration. Applications will be collected throughout the announcement period of EOI and evaluated on a biweekly basis.


Initial Application Deadline: 23:59hrs (GMT + 3) on March 4th, 2020

Biweekly Application Deadline: 23:59hrs (GMT + 3) on the 4th and 19th day of each calendar-month

4. Evaluation Process UNDP will evaluate the applications received in a particular interval, within 10 calendar-days following the Application Deadline of the respective interval.


The successful candidates identified in this evaluation shall be listed in UNDP’s roster and they will be informed accordingly.

Preparation and Submission of Applications (Expression of Interest)
5. Language All applications should be made in English. Applications in languages other than English may be automatically eliminated by UNDP without a further request for clarification and/or completion.
6. Submissions


All submissions and inquiries shall be e-mailed to

IMPORTANT NOTE: The subject line of the application e-mails to be sent to the above e-mail account MUST contain the reference of the applied position (2020/CO3/EOI/01 for Component A of the Project; 2020/CO3/EOI/02 for Component B of the Project; 2020/CO3/EOI/03 for Component C of the Project; 2020/CO3/EOI/04 for Component D of the Project). Application e-mails which do not contain the reference of the applied position may not be taken into consideration.

7. Documents that MUST be submitted in the application Submissions should include:

1.  Application Form (Attachment 2),

2. CV in English (CV Format which shall be used has been provided as Attachment 3)

IMPORTANT NOTE: All applicants must present in their CVs, how they fit for the consultancy position in terms of qualification, education and professional experience.

8. Validity period All applications will be assumed to be valid until December 20th, 2020.
Evaluation and Award of Contracts
9. Step 1:

Expression of

Interest &


The applications (Expression of Interest) will be reviewed by an evaluation committee against the minimum qualification requirements, defined in the attached generic Terms of Reference (Attachment 1).

Applicants meeting the minimum qualification requirements (pass/fail) will be included in the roster. Screening process will be repeated on a biweekly basis to review the incoming applications and expand the roster accordingly.

The outcome of the longlisting process is to establish a roster of consultants meeting the minimum requirements of the generic terms of reference, categorized in accordance with the level, type and area(s) of expertise of the consultants.

10. Step 2:

Specific Terms of Reference & Shortlisting

UNDP (the project management unit) will prepare specific Terms of Reference (ToR) for each assignment. Assignment-based specific Terms of Reference will include the level, type and area(s) of expertise, required for fulfillment of the assignment.

Assignment-based specific terms of reference will be sent (e-mailed) to the longlisted consultants, qualifications of whom meet the level, type and area(s) of expertise, identified in the relevant specific ToR.

The invitees will be provided with the opportunity to update their CVs with a view to highlight their qualifications and experiences that are most relevant to the requirements of the specific ToR. Invitees may also prefer not to update their CVs, in which case the CVs submitted during the expression of interest will be taken into account.

A shortlisting committee will review and score CVs of the candidates, based on the requirements stipulated in the specific ToR. The outcome of the shortlisting process is a list of consultants who meet the minimum requirements in the assignment-based specific Terms of Reference, scored in accordance with the technical evaluation criteria indicated in the relevant specific ToR.

An applicant who has been listed on the roster will be provided with the specific Terms of Reference along with the “Offeror’s Letter to UNDP” document in order to receive her/his Price Proposal. UNDP has the right to not request price proposal of an applicant even if she/he has been listed on a roster. UNDP may request price proposals from other prospective Individual Consultants. UNDP does not warrant that any consultancy services will be procured as a result of this Call for Expression of Interest. Applicants may be considered for Individual Consultancy Assignments, other than the position they have expressed interest, at the sole discretion of UNDP.

11. Award Criteria To be specified in the assignment based specific ToR, which will only be provided to applicants listed on the roster. Only successful applicants, who have been listed on the roster will be notified.
12. Attachments Attachment 1: Generic Terms of Reference

Attachment 2: Application Form

Attachment 3: CV Format

Attachment 4: General Terms and Conditions for the Services of Individual Contractors

* All the applications will be received through the e-mail address stipulated above. UNDP will not be held responsible for any failure regarding transmission and/or receipt of e-mails. UNDP will not accept any liability and/or cannot be kept liable for not receiving e-mail submissions that are rejected by its servers due to the excessive size of the e-mail (e.g. larger than 35 MB), virus, spam etc. No phone enquiries will be accepted regarding receipt of applications.

** UNDP reserves the right to cancel the application, evaluation and/or the award process and reject all applications at any time prior to award of a Contract without incurring any liability to the applicants. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

*** UNDP implements several projects and programmes. Applications to this Call for Expression of Interest will be considered for Strengthening the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Forces Phase III Project. Candidates to be longlisted may not be automatically considered for other opportunities.

**** UNDP may share the CVs submitted in response to this Call for Expression of Interest, with the Beneficiaries and/or Implementing Partners of the Project.