Request for Tender (RFT): IT Equipment

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Request for Tender (RFT): IT Equipment
Buyer Name: Syria Civil Defence
Sector: Admin support service activities
Tender Link:
Location: Syria
Opening Date: 07-Apr-2020
Closing Date: 14-Apr-2020
Closing Time: 5:00PM GM3

Request for Tender (RFT)

Tender Code: 20-HQS-SRD-S98

Syria Civil Defence invites the suppliers for a tender of IT Equipment (Laptops, Mobiles, Printers and Money counting machine) accordance with The conditions detailed in the attached documents.

Address of submission:

Bids to be submitted in a sealed envelope with indicate the tender reference number on it, addressed to The Syria Civil defence office: Syria /Sarmada /Bab Alhawa old square /SCD office.

Only offers from companies or bidders inside Syria are accepted.

Deadline of submission: 14-04-2020

Suppliers’ bids have to be delivered at the above address not later than 4.00PM /14 Nisan 2020.

kindly note that if the bids miss the deadline of submission may result to avoid receiving it by the civil defence staff.

kindly note that the technical, financial offers and the supplier’s expertise documents must be separated from each other so that the basic envelope inside it contains three sealed envelopes also well closed to ensure the confidentiality of the information contained within it, Mixing the documents may lead to rejection of the offer.

For further information or clarification about the tender requirements, please contact: