RFQ: Internal Control Development Consultant

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RFQ: Internal Control Development Consultant
Buyer Name: POINT
Sector: Admin support service activities
Tender Link:
Location: Turkey
Opening Date: 08-Jan-2020
Closing Date: 20-Jan-2020
Closing Time: 1:00 (GMT 3.00)

Title:                 Internal Control Development Consultant

Gender:            Male/Female

Duration:         13 working days (In the period between 15th Jan to 10th Feb 2020)

Posting Date:  08 Jan 2020

Deadline:         20 Jan 2020 / Clock: 13:00

Objective:        Support Organizational Sustainability and growth and strengthen programming support and harmonizing POINT policies.


POINT organization is an NGO established in 2015 in Turkey and works in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. Our mandate is community empowerment and capacity development with community-based approach.

POINT works in the sectors of:

  • Social cohesion and livelihoods
  • Camp management support
  • Formal and non-formal Education
  • General Protection and GBVs
  • Youth empowerment and Higher Education
  • CSOs capacity development

POINT provides organizational support to bridge the gaps through tailored capacity development and mentoring programs across thematic areas of interest, as determined by local organizations and communities, and in accordance with the focus of their activities and needs.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the programs we implement, we seek always to improve our staff capacity and to review and update our policies and procedures to help us to minimize risks, increase operational excellence, and to ensure our employees have the information to do their jobs well.

To achieve such goals, POINT has organized to hire all needed experts and to contract with the experienced consultants.

We are seeking an experienced consultant to help POINT to develop an internal control system; This will be achieved through the following activities:

  • Reviewing the finance, logistics and HR policies.
  • Reviewing the external audit reports.
  • Reviewing the internal audit reports and addressing its findings.
  • Conducting internal control spot checks through field visit to POINT HQ and conducting meetings with, Chairman, CEO, SMT, Finance, Logistics and HR head of departments, then preparing a report including recommendations to develop the internal control system.
  • Development of the finance, logistics, and HR policies after his/her field visits, and passing them to POINT management for their review and comments.
  • Submitting the final versions of the policies.
  • Preparing of a final report demonstrating base-line and end-line findings and recommendations for further improvements in the areas of finance, logistics and HR

How to Apply  

Interested individuals or companies are requested to send a proposed technical offer (Training mythology), financial offer and consultant CV to the below email.

Please put “CO-20-544” as an email subject.

And send them to:


RFQ – Consultant