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The Beach Hut Business Without a Timor Telecom Signal

by Building Markets
August 22, 2008

Interested in beach huts/bungalows in Timor-Leste? There are actually a few of them. Some are easy to call and some are not so easy to call.

Usually when one thinks of beach bungalows in Timor we think of those at the end of the ferry journey to Atauro and the below three views…

or those at the end of road heading east and you will find Tutuala.

However, there is a set of bungalows which are often overlooked – even by the Peace Dividend Trust.

The Baucau Beach Bungalows.

Situated at the bopttom of the road to the white sand beach at the foot of the baucau Town Plateau it is right under everyone’s nose – and as such it gets passed by. However, while it is easy to get to just being 10 min down the hill from Baucau Town it is impossible to telephone. Amazingly enough despite its proximity to the second largest urban area in the country Timor Telecom has yet to find a way to extend its signal down to the beach. While some might think this desireable others do not. Senhor Jose Maria Borges pictured above bemoaned this fact to the blogger a week ago.
“How can I operate a business without phone signal?”
Good question. In any event you can text him on his new number +670 739 7467 and he might get it when he goes up the hill. Or you can contact the PDT micromatchmaking team (M3) in Baucau to faciliate contact see –
If you are interested in other goods and services in Baucau just click here for the Baucau listings on the Timor-Leste Online Procurement Database.

If you are still having trouble finding what you are looking for in Baucau just contact PDT for personalized assistance ([email protected])

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