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The Changing Face of Timor-Leste: Manleuana.

by Building Markets
March 16, 2011

Well driving around Timor-Leste these days one sees building, building, and more building.  On a bimble out to Baucau this past weekend, I saw alot of ordinary people building, rebuilding, or renovating personal properties – on a Saturday morning.  There pops the urban myth among some groups of foreigners (and a few Timorese) that Timorese are lazy.  Task, cash in hand, materials, and hot sun – work. Build, work, build.  More on that later.

But on the same theme: some weeks ago I was up in the back of Manleuana in south western Comoro, Dili and was gobsmacked by the amount of new building going on. I have not been down there in a couple of years. Taking a page out of the book of some free radicals in Bahrain I elected to get’s a bird’s eye look via Google Earth and get a sense of the changing face of Manleuana.

Manleuana 2006

Using the historical imagery function on Google Earth you can cross reference old satellite views with newer images.  So I compared a section of Manleuana circa 2006 with one dated last year.  A quick look shows more than a few buildings – the yellow circles below highlight, just a few of the new buildings. Clearly, there is confidence of some sort here.

Manleuana 2010 - the yellow circles indicate new buildings

Looking to build in Manleuana – try “super local”: Lady Tasi Agency has building materials (Cement, Concrete, Bricks and Wood) for sale on the spot.

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