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The First National Business Verification is Complete.

by Building Markets
October 9, 2008


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Dili, Timor-Leste, 09 October 2008

Need information on the business community in Timor-Leste?

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) Timor-Leste is pleased to announce the conclusion of the first-ever business verification in all 13 districts of Timor-Leste.

The first cycle of business verification activities was completed with the review of enterprises in the district of Bobonaro in mid-September. To date, PDT has verified more than 1,700 businesses across the country, representing over 16,650 workers in 26 different sectors of activity. Their detailed profiles, including contact information, description of services and previous experience, are now available on the PDT Online Procurement Database (

In coming weeks, PDT Timor-Leste will consolidate its achievements with the release of a national profile of the Timor-Leste business community based upon the business verification activities undertaken since November 2007. Individual Business Guides will also be created detailing information on the business community in each of the districts.

About Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste:
PDT-TL works to connect buyers with suppliers both national and international in order to stimulate the economy and create jobs. To this end, PDT opened a Tender Distribution Centre in December 2007, commenced matchmaking activities in January 2008 and launched a Timor-Leste Online Procurement website in May 2008. PDT also offers tailored training assistance.

Peace Dividend Trust is an international NGO, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The Timor-Leste project is funded by AusAID. PDT is a not-for-profit entity. All of its services are provided to the community free of charge.

For more information, please contact:
Peace Dividend Trust
Estrada de Balide, Dili, Timor-Leste
Phone: +670.332.282
Email: [email protected]


Verifikasaun Negocios Nasional ba dala Uluk Kompleta Ona

Dili, Timor-Leste, 09 Outubro 2008

Presiza informasaun negocios komunidade nian iha Timor Leste?

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) Timor-Leste hakarak atu anuncio konklusaun verifikasaun negocio hotu-hotu ba dala uluk nebe hala’o ona iha distrito 13 iha Timor Leste

Premeiro rotasaun aktividade verifikasaun ba negocios kompleta ona ho revisaun ba empresaria hotu-hotu iha distrito Bobonaro iha fulan Setembro nia klaran. To’o agora PDT verifika ona negocio hamutuk 1, 700 iha Timor laran tomak no regista mos ema servisu hamutuk 16,650 iha setor 26 nebe diferensia. Negocios sira nia profile detailu, inklui no kontaktu, deskripsaun servisu no esperiensia uluk nian, agora iha hotu ona PDT nia Online Prokuramento database (

Iha semana hirak oin mai, PDT sei konsolida nia resultado no hasai mos perfil nasional husi negocios komunidade iha Timor Leste baseia ba aktividade verifikasaun negocio hala’o ona hahu husi Novembro 2007. Matadalan ba negocio individual mos sei halo informasaun detailu liu tan kona ba negocio komunidade husi distrito idak-idak nian.

Kona ba Peace Dividend Trust iha Timor Leste:
PDT serbisu atu hatutan kompradór/distribuidor sira ho sosa nain nasionál sira no internasionál nian atu bele estimula ekonomia no kria serbisu. Ba objetivu ida-ne’e PDT loke Sentru Distribuisaun Tender nian iha fulan Dezembru 2007, hahú aktividade servisu Ligasaun (matchmaking) nian iha fulan Janeiru 2008 no halo lansamentu ba Website Aprovizionamentu Online Timor-Leste nian iha fulan Maiu 2008. PDT mós oferese asisténsia treinamentu personalizadu.

Peace Dividend Trust mak ONG internasional ida, nia quartel mak iha Ottawa, Canada. Projeitu iha Timor-Leste hetan fundu husi AusAID. PDT mak nudar entidade ida nebe la’os atu buka benefisiu. Ninia servisu tomak hala’o ba komunidade ho gratuitu.

Ba informasaun liu tan, favor kontaktu:
Peace Dividend Trust
Estrada de Balide, Dili, Timor-Leste
Phone: +670.332.2823
Email: [email protected]

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