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The Jobs Directory is discontinued.

by Building Markets
April 5, 2011

A young lady from Liquica, Maria Freitas, completed her work at PDM Timor-Leste yesterday. She was responsible for the Jobs Directory – formerly the Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste blog. She restarted this service in December last year. It has been an interesting experiment.

Her work came to an end because of this announcement, but her contributions will be missed. I just received a request from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) this morning for us to post a job on their behalf, a request I unfortunately had to turn down.

However, in the short time she was with PDT, she had a pretty serious impact on our web presence – see this graphic. Maria is largely responsible for the massive jump in last 4 months.

Web hits on the Timor-Leste Business Portal

In just a few short months, the Jobs Directory generated 40,000 hits on 146 job postings by 118 employers. Not bad….

Here is the list of the public and private sector organisations whose jobs were posted on the Job Directory, Between December 2010 and March 2011.

  1. Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo
  2. The Australian Government Agency for International Development
  3. WaterAid
  4. Korea International Cooperation Agency
  5. Building Agribusiness Capacity in East Timor (BACET)
  6. World Vision Timor-Leste
  7. World Vision International – Timor Leste
  8. PAE-Professionals Providing Solutions
  9. An International Company
  10. Oxfam
  11. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  12. United Nations Development Programme
  13. The Asia Foundation
  14. Ita Nia Rai
  15. U.S Agency for International Development
  16. Agency Espanola de Cooperacion International Para el Dessarollo
  17. European Commission
  18. Coral Triangle Support Partnership
  19. KATILOSA (Klibur Aleizadus Timor Loro Sa’e)
  20. Defensoria Rebulic Democratica de Timor-Leste
  22. Dili Institute of Technology
  24. Melbourne Water Corporation
  25. Cruz Vermelha de Timor‐Leste
  26. Catholic Relief Services Timor-Leste Program
  27. NGO internasional Paz y Desarrollo
  28. Coral Area Triangle (Triángulu Koralíferu)
  29. The Embassy of the United States of America
  30. Child Fundation
  31. Chemonics International
  32. World Food Programme
  33. World Bank
  34. Direccao Geral do Servico Coperativos
  35. United Nations Development Programme
  36. European Commossion
  37. Dezenvolve Agrikultura Comunitaria – USAID nia projecto
  38. Arafura Timor Seas Ecosystem Action Program (ATSEA)
  39. CWS
  40. Eiros Group
  41. Marie Stopes International
  42. Project Hope The People-to-People Health Foundation,INC
  43. Justice for the Poor
  44. Aloha Esperansa
  45. Plan Timor-Leste
  46. The BlueWater
  47. Ministerio Das Financas
  48. Ministry of Economy and Development
  49. Ministerio de Educacao
  50. Australian Volunteers International (AVI)
  51. Save The Children
  52. O Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (IMVF)
  53. (Bee, Saneamentu no Ijiene iha Komunidade)
  54. The UN Refusee Agency
  56. Strengthening Property Rights in Timor-Leste, USAID-funded, implemented by ARD, Inc
  57. The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ (FHFNZ)
  58. Aurecon International
  59. The Delegation of European Union in Timor-Leste
  60. Credit Union Foundation Australia (CUFA)
  61. CARE Australia
  62. Sentru Treinamentu Vokasional Joventude Gleno
  63. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  64. Australian Red Cross
  65. From the American People (USAID) & Program (DWASH)
  66. Ministry of Health
  67. BELUN
  68. Fini ba Moris
  69. United Kingdom universities and other professional institutions/Sholarships
  70. Minza Oil & Gas Ltd
  71. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  72. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  74. Ministerio da Saude
  75. SEARO Regional Office for the South East Asia (SE/RGO) /Se/DRD Office of Deputy Regional Director (SE/DRD)
  76. The Pao Emergency and Coordination Unit
  77. Vaga Fundasaun Mahein (FM)
  78. Servico Autonomo de Medicamentos e Equipamentos de Saude Central Medical Stores
  79. The Australian Embassy
  80. The Australian Defence Cooperation Program in East Timor
  81. Forum ONG Timor Leste (FONGTIL)
  82. Banku Dezenvolvimento Azia (ADB TA) 7120-TIM)
  83. Aecid Jesuits Foundation
  84. MercyCorps
  85. Trócaire (Caritas Ireland)
  86. La’o Hamutuk (“Walking Together” in English)
  87. Watershed Management in Republic of Timor‐Leste Noppon Koei Co., Ltd
  88. Fundasaun Timor Oan Hamutuk (F-TOHA)
  89. Tribunal De Recursu
  90. Fundasaun Alola
  91. ACPMigration
  92. C a l t e c h General Contracting
  93. International Organization for Migration
  95. Comissao Anti-Corupcao (CAC)
  96. Care International
  97. The Diplomacy Training Program
  98. Paper Assosiasaun HAK
  99. Schlumberger
  100. The Office of the Inspector General OIG
  101. The Hotel Esplanada
  102. Ministerio da justica
  103. The Southeast Asian Press Alliance/ Journalism Fellowship Programme.
  104. The National of Parliament
  105. Community Housing
  106. International Finance Coorporation
  107. Eni
  108. Global Fund Grant Agreement
  109. Rubic Construction Lda
  110. Ministerio da Solidariedade Sosial/Programa Bolsa Estudo
  111. UNICEF
  112. Camara de Comercio e Indusrias de Timor-Leste
  113. Ministerio das Infra -Estruturas Gabinete do Ministro
  114. Australian Award & New Zealand Development Scholarships
  115. International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  116. Media Group (STL)
  117. St John of God Healthcare (SJGHC)
  118. Australian government (Aid Program)


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