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Time to start using PDT’s new and improved business portal!

by Heidi Reid
July 9, 2010

When I was offered the placement at Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) at the start of this year through the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) program, I was sent down to Canberra for Pre-Departure Training (which also, funnily enough, has the acronym PDT – this, let me tell you, caused a great deal of confusion during the interview!) and was briefed on the issues that arise when working within a developing country. How hard could it be, I thought? How hard indeed…..

Flash forward to the 2nd July, 2010. An extremely happy day for everyone at PDT, but in particular, for anyone who had been working on the upgrade of our on-line business portal, which can be found at the BuildingMarkets.org business portal, as we went live.

Check out our new and improved Business Portal.

Let me be the first to say, it looks amazing! You can access information in English and Bahasa Indonesia, it offers more services for both suppliers and buyers, and the search function is so much better I’m not even going to start to tell you! And for all those reasons, and many more, it was worth the many woman hours that went in to ensuring that all the information to facilitate local procurement was there.

However, upgrading a system like this is quite the challenge in Dili, even when you have an amazing team in New York working night and day! Internet moves at it’s own pace, meetings with co-workers on the other side of the world happen at crazy hours and emails always have a lag time of a day. But, it can be done and, as more dollars keep hitting local businesses pockets, industry develops and facilities improve, giving more and more need for services like this.

So guys, get registered with us, get in touch with our matchmaking and tender distribution team, get searching, take advantage of our awesome new business portal and “Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste!”

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