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Timorese Eggs.

by Building Markets
February 10, 2011

Well … we all know about Timorese coffee. Its big business by Timorese standards. However, I am a bit tired about hearing about coffee.  What else do Timorese grow and sell?

Timorese Coffee – I grow tired of talking/hearing about it, but never tired of drinking it.

Once upon a time ago pretty much every egg in Timor-Leste was not a Timorese egg, it was an Indonesian or a Chinese or maybe even an Italian egg. But now we have Timorese eggs. What, Timorese eggs? Not possible?!

Nay, it is possible, and you might even have eaten one this morning without knowing it.  Eat a Timorese egg and create a job.

About 10 months ago we blogged about a new joint Timorese-Indonesian venture called “Gracia”.  Its all about chickens, and eggs.  In this case the chickens came way ahead of the eggs, and there is even a video floating around. In 2010, it was just chickens, and now what comes after you have chickens? Eggs.  Thousands and thousands of Timorese eggs – destined for the growing internal market of Timorese egg eaters in Dili and elsewhere.  Go here to buy real Timorese eggs.

Egg production line
More eggs.
Even more eggs

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