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Timorese Fruit, Veg, Fish to (not from!) Singapore, by Air Timor.

by Building Markets
April 13, 2011

A few days ago a representative of Air Timor to came our offices in Balide, Dili.  He was interested in enlisting our support in finding local suppliers of fresh fruit vegetables and even fish with a view to getting their goods to the market, and no I am not talking about Comoro market.  He wants to get this stuff to the market in Singapore.

See below for a very interesting offer of free air-freight from Dili to Singapore.

Air Timor Newspaper Ad

Interesting small print

Very interesting proposal.

There may be alot of obstacles to getting this initiative “off the ground”, but I can remember when the idea seemed literally “fantastical”.  Perhaps it still is, however, I have a feeling it is not, and as long as we are able (and it may not be much longer) we will put in a serious effort to push this idea forward.

Fruit and Vegetables - Dili Market
Fish - Manatuto High Street - For Singapore?

The Worldbank has a very interesting initiative underway to expand non-oil exports – perhaps Air Timor, the Worldbank and others should have a pow wow?

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