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The road to recovery is just beginning.

On February 6, 2023, a series of devastating earthquakes killed more than 50,00 people in the southern Türkiye and Syria. Among those impacted in Türkiye are approximately two million Syrian refugees living in the affected areas. Your support through the Emergency Relief Fund goes directly to emergency relief and long-term recovery efforts. 

Give to the Emergency Relief Fund

Small businesses are not only well positioned to support urgent needs, but they can be a critical part of long-term recovery, including rebuilding infrastructure, getting people back to work, and making sure communities have what they need to live healthy lives.

Supporting Local Business-Led Recovery

Building Markets' network in Türkiye includes more than 2,500 small businesses representing over 135,000 people, and more than half are Syrian refugees living in earthquake affected areas. These are people who are grieving and worried about the safety of their families, and they are also first responders and humanitarian heroes.

Our work to help our businesses position themselves to win contracts will become even more important in the coming months. When aid dollars go to local businesses, they make three times the impact: they bring relief to those who need it, secure livelihoods and restore local markets, and offer dignity & hope to those whose lives have been devastated.

Give to the Emergency Relief Fund

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