Kavya Raman
Project Director
New York City

Kavya is a Project Director for Building Markets. Having worked with the organization between 2010 and 2013, Kavya returned to Building Markets in October 2015 to lead a research project identifying ways to support small businesses in Lebanon. In 2016, she will be focused on launching and overseeing the organization’s programming in Turkey and Jordan, focused on the Syrian crisis response.

Kavya has also worked with the Internews Network in Afghanistan, where she worked directly with media and civil society partners to improve their capacity to monitor and report on the electoral process, in the lead up to the country’s Parliamentary elections. Before this, with Sayara Strategies, Kavya led the design and launch of a counter-narcotics program focused on civil society engagement, and capacity building of the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics. Kavya has previosuly worked with Building Markets with local chambers of commerce and government ministries to launch online platforms that have since increased access to business opportunities for small businesses in Haiti and Afghanistan. She designed and managed training initiatives for civil society organizations that helped strengthen the capacity, access to funding, and sustainability of over 80 Afghan organizations. She also helped Building Markets launch its country office in Myanmar.