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Viqueque Farmers Secure $1,028 in Exchange for Peanuts

by Building Markets
March 8, 2010

 A Raitahu farmer tying off a bag of peanuts before it is transferred to Mr.Mario da Costa.

Back in touch with Mr. Mario da Costa, a Seed Production Officer from the Seeds of Life program, the Viqueque Matchmaking team facilitated a substantial transaction of peanuts in the rural village of Raitahu, Viqueque.

Farmers sorting through a mound of peanuts.
One of the biggest challenges of linking buyers to suppliers in this region is the lack of communication options available; not one of the farmers involved in the transaction owned a telephone. In spite of this, the team was able to locate enough farmers to provide Mr. Mario da Costa with 1,371kgs of peanuts, resulting in a total of $1,028 dollars that directly entered Viqueque’s local economy.

Raitahu farmers standing in front of bagged peanuts.

If you have any questions about the matchmaking process or would like assistance in finding local goods and services, please don’t hesitate to contact PDM-TL‘s Matchmaking Associates Ilidio Ximenes or Brigida Soares at [email protected].

PDT’s Matchmaking program at the time of this transaction was being funded by AusAid and Eni.

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