How do our products and services work?

They work together to address barriers that prevent local SMEs in developing countries from growing and accessing new business. This includes bringing visibility to enterprises, increasing capacity, and enabling market connections.

Who are they for?

1) SMEs interested in advancing their commercial knowledge & accessing new customers 2) Corporations & international organizations who want to source locally or build a local content strategy 3) investors looking for new growth opportunities. 

Why use them?

We want you to use our services because they create value for your organization and because fast-tracking SME growth in vulnerable countries can accelerate the climb from poverty through job creation and wider economic growth.

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Learn more about our Business Verification from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Business Verification

“We have so many international aid groups in the country, and being able to show these organizations that Haitian companies have the ability and capacity to fulfill these contracts in a timely and orderly fashion is a huge boost to our company and the image of Haiti as well.”
— Local Business, Haiti

Business Verification involves onsite interviews with SME management to collect information on their enterprises that will help Building Markets facilitate connections to market opportunities and to inform our other services. To ensure the integrity of our data, each business is re-verified every six months. 

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Learn more about our Training from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Training and Mentorship

"The staff developed capacity through training programs. Now we have staff who know how to work on a proposal and how to manage projects.”
— Local Business, Afghanistan

Training and Mentorship focuses on providing SMEs with the tools and knowledge they need to become competitive, sustainable businesses. Topics include, for example, Procurement 101, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Development, Environmental Awareness, and CSR.

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Learn more about our Tender Distribution Services from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Tender Distribution

“As a local business, we didn’t know where to look to find tendering opportunities. [Building Markets] Tender Distribution Services are very useful to us as we now have enough information to bid on, and even win, local tenders.”
— Local Business, Timor-Leste

Tender Distribution Service increases access to market opportunities by collecting and disseminating tenders to SMEs registered with Building Markets. Tenders are shared with businesses through online tender directories, targeted e-mail and SMS notifications, and through tender distribution points in country offices. 

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Learn more about our Business Matchmaking from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Business Matchmaking

“[Building Markets] has been extremely helpful. There are six companies that have returned to us with quotes for the medications we are looking for. Thanks again to your team, the information has saved us countless hours of research and given us a legitimate base of companies to work with."
— Global Medic, Haiti

Business Matchmaking connects verified local SMEs to supply chains and investment through analysis, the generation of reports that fast-track procurement based on buyer demand, vendor fairs, investor showcases and other events.

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Learn more about our Research and Impact from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Research and Impact

“Building Markets is useful and effective. It has helped us find suppliers we did not know existed in the market.”
— International NGO, Afghanistan

Research and Impact uses our extensive supplier data to provide market insights and recommendations to our stakeholders on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. The data we collect also allows us to accurately measure our economic impact in the countries where we operate. 

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Learn more about our Buy Local Advocacy from our field staff by watching this short video clip.

Buy Local Advocacy and Events

“When you open a small business here [in Haiti], it is up to you to find customers. Building Markets represented a way for us to get the word out. We just didn’t have the capacity to do what Building Markets was able to do for us.”
— Local Business, Haiti

"Buy Local" advocacy promotes the importance of buying local through local content policy promotion, marketing campaigns, events and forums, and social media.