Yara Asad
Project Manager

Yara Asad is Project Manager for Building Markets Jordan. Under this role, Yara is evaluating supply chain and investment opportunities for refugee and Jordanian businesses in the Jordan market. Since 2017, Yara assumed different consulting positions that focused on the development of SMEs in the MENA region. Between 2015-2017, Yara worked as a Lead Middle East and North Africa Research and Policy Analyst at Wolfensohn and Company where she led a project to study trends and analyze the future of the MENA region.

Previously, Yara’s work focused on strategic private sector development. She was the Director General for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Palestine from January 2011- December 2014, a venture through which she focused on promoting regional and international trade relations. Parallel to that, Yara was the Chief Executive Officer of the Jerusalem Arbitration Centre. An initiative that aims to create a mechanism for Palestinian and Israeli businesses to resolve their disputes via arbitration.

Yara holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and is an Edward Mason Fellow of Public Policy. Her first publication at Ivey School was in January 2011, and it focused on international marketing.