Our Values

At Building Markets, we are committed to providing reliable and professional services to all of our clients. Four core values guide all that we do. These values embody our mission, they represent the qualities we look for in the people we hire, and our beliefs about how we should conduct business.

Trust is our Currency.  We believe trust is earned through integrity, honoring commitments, creating value and demonstrating consistency between our words and our actions.

Clients Come First.  We believe our products and services only create value to the degree that they satisfy the needs of our clients. We ensure this through our day-to-day interactions, maintaining in-depth business and market knowledge, and measuring the impact of our work. 

Exceed Expectations.  We want to provide our clients with extraordinary service so that every interaction with Building Markets exceeds expectations. In doing so, we ensure the greatest possible impact, and we turn our clients and partners into ambassadors for our organization and its work.

Leading the Way. We see every challenge as an opportunity. We embrace new ideas and strive to create unique and innovative products and services that disrupt the status quo. We believe strongly in learning from peers, adopting the advances of others, and sharing our successes and failures.

Accountability and Transparency

As a non-profit organization, Building Markets strives to be accountable to its clients by being as transparent as possible about its operations, while holding ourselves to high standards of personal and professional conduct:

  • We respect the rule of law in all countries where we operate.
  • We interact with our clients, stakeholders and partners in a fair and transparent manner. 
  • Corruption, extortion, or embezzlement are not tolerated in any form. 
  • We receive confidential information as part of our normal client relationships and seek to maintain the confidence of all of our clients. 
  • We are not involved in the implementation of buyers’ procurement procedures. We do not evaluate their bids, proposals or their award of contracts. 
  • We do not provide technical or budget advice to suppliers responding to tenders or other requests for bids and proposals. 
  • Our staff does not hold interests in commercial firms in any country where we operate.

Building Markets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City (EIN/ Tax ID number: 98 0575195). Building Markets is legally registered in all locations where it operates and complies with all local laws, rules and legal and regulatory requirements.