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Safeguarding Statement and Whistleblowing Reporting Protocol

Building Markets adheres to the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mission. All Building Markets’ directors, officers, employees, volunteers and consultants are required to agree and adhere to the Organizations’ Code of Conduct (Code). This incorporates a Whistleblower Policy and the Core Principles Relating to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of the United Nations Inter-Agency Standing Committee Task Force on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Humanitarian Crises.

Building Markets’ partners, including small and medium enterprises with which it works, are encouraged to report any action or suspected action taken by the Organization, including its directors, officers, employees and volunteers, that is, or may be, illegal, fraudulent or in violation of any policy of the Organization (a Concern).

You may report a Concern to [email protected].

A designated officer of Building Markets will assess a reported Concern on a preliminary basis to determine to what extent an investigation is required, and will direct all aspects of any required investigation. Investigations will be conducted in a confidential and sensitive manner, so that information will be disclosed only as needed to facilitate review of investigation materials or otherwise as required by law. In the event a Concern involves, or implicates, the designated officer responsible for assessing the Concern, the officer will promptly recuse themselves from any investigation and inform Building Markets’ Audit Committee. The Audit Committee may investigate such a Concern, or appoint an impartial third party to do so.

All Concerns received will be treated confidentially or anonymously, as applicable, to the extent reasonable and practicable under the circumstances. Those reporting a Concern are expected to cooperate as necessary in connection with any related investigation, it being understood that a refusal to cooperate will affect the ability of the Organization to meaningfully address a Concern. It is Building Markets’ policy to protect those who communicate bona fide Concerns from retaliation for reporting. No adverse action may be taken, and retaliation is strictly prohibited, including, without limitation, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, coercion, or otherwise, whether express or implied, against any individual who in good faith reports any Concern or assists in an investigation thereof. Any directors, officers, employees or volunteers of Building Markets who violate this prohibition against retaliation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment or other relationship with the Organization.

General Programming Feedback

Partners currently using, or who previously used, Building Markets’ services are welcome to submit general feedback, questions or concerns to [email protected].

Other Languages

If you have initial enquiries regarding Building Markets’ safeguarding or programming feedback processes, please write to one of the above email addresses and request initial guidance in [Arabic / Turkish / Myanmar Language].