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by Building Markets
August 25, 2008

The Peace Dividend Trust Verification Team has completed the first stage of surveying businesses in Covalima District. 58 businesses are now online. The results can be found with a click.

Covalima is out of sight and out of mind, and that is frankly, part of the problem, however there is alot going on in this south coast district.

Comico Suai Diak Company provides Candle nuts, coconuts, coffee, green beans, and other local products.

Desesperado Lda exports cattle. Over $300 000 worth of cattle in the last 2 or 3 years. That is a big deal on the south coast. Senhor Carlos, the owner, is pictured below with PDT Verificatiion Associate Gaspar Quintao da Silva.

Tua Hun Company is an interesting outfit. They actually construct fishing boats, in some in inconsiderable quantities and to a reasonable standard. They do not only sell boats, you can rent from them as well.
Oficina Carpintaria Sao Paulo is a success story born in 2002. It makes windows, doors and frames, bedroom and bathroom furniture and shrine/oratorio. What a wonderful thing 24 hour electricity would be for this business.

And we should not forget Buka Moris / Looking for Lfe Rattan which makes good quality rattan furniture. Since our blog entry in May 2008 Buka Moris has received a large number of orders. So many that they have leected to purchase a mobile phone…?!

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