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Fadia Shaker
FWNT specializes in spreading applied sciences in a simple and fun way through carefully prepared bags, catalogs and videos for our young engineer to move on from mechanics to electricity to robotics. Our vision: Securing the educational needs of developing children's technological creativity, and qualifying them for a promising future through play and scientific fun. This stems from the company's belief in the need to establish children technologically at an early age to allow them to go through future experiences with full strength and readiness. Spread of our products: Our products were able, during several years, to reach large segments of children, not only at the level of Turkey and the Syrian interior, but also began to enter the Arab and Gulf markets in particular. In 2020, our products entered Turkish schools, whether as a classroom activity or in the form of study laboratories in primary schools, middle schools, and Anatolian high schools, as they were approved by Bilim ve Sanat School (which attracts students with high intelligence degrees and is selected through an IQ exam dedicated to this purpose). The company is still in a state of constant interaction with children and constantly updates all educational and scientific data to ensure a continuous link between the technology process and children's dreams and future aspirations.
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