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May 07 2024

May 7 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EEST

Mastering Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT4 & Gemini

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This event will be held in Arabic.

🚀 Be faster and join us on the journey into the world of artificial intelligence in Mersin! 🌐

🎓 Enroll in our intensive training to master the art of prompt engineering and drive your business with intelligence that’s 10x faster.

Dr. Sinan Hatahet

Aladdin Aksoy
Growth and Training Coordinator/Building Markets

Sima Kanawati
Founder/More Design

Training Topics:
  1. AI, NLP, LLM, GPT Explained
  2. Introduction to ChatGPT/Gemini/Copilot & Prompt Engineering
  3. Understanding Different Prompt Types
  4. Best Practices for Prompt Engineering
  5. Interactive Exercises and Group Discussions
  6. Implementing AI in Your Business (Management)
  7. Implementing AI in Your Business (Marketing)
  8. Creating GPTs by ChatGPT-4
  9. The Best GPTs and Plugins for ChatGPT
  10. Creating Presentations and Posters by Copilot
  11. Creating a Video by InVideo
Training outcomes:
  • Enhanced understanding of AI technologies. Ability to differentiate between various AI tools and choose the most relevant for business needs.
  • Solid foundation in prompt engineering. Improved ability to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT for various tasks.
  • Increased proficiency in crafting effective prompts, leading to more precise and useful AI interactions.
  • Improved prompt crafting skills. Reduction in time and resources spent on AI interactions.
  • Strengthened collaborative skills and a deeper understanding of prompt engineering practices through peer learning.
  • More informed decision-making regarding AI implementation in business operations. Increased operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced marketing strategies through AI-driven insights and automation. Better customer engagement and content relevance.
  • Ability to create customized AI solutions for specific business challenges. Increased innovation and competitive edge.
  • Access to cutting-edge tools and strategies for maximizing the potential of ChatGPT in the business environment.
  • Enhanced communication materials, leading to improved brand perception and engagement. Skills in creating visually appealing content.
  • Capability to produce high-quality video content in-house. Increased marketing reach and engagement through multimedia.

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May 7
10:00 am - 5:00 pm EEST




Building Markets