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Access to Finance: Growth Opportunities for Family Businesses in Türkiye


Register Now Join us in this exciting A2F Event to get a closer look of the types and benefits of establishing these funds with our guest speaker Mr. Abdulbasit Yildiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Judy Investments. The following important topics will be addressed: Strategies for family businesses to maintain sustainability over generations […]

Successful Selling in a Digital World


Register Now Are you a business owner with a brilliant technical product but struggling to attract clients beyond your immediate circle of family, friends, and neighbors? Do you find yourself relying solely on word of mouth and your personal network for sales? You're not alone. Many technically proficient businesses face the same challenge: they don’t […]

Access to Finance: Financing and Investment Options in Türkiye from Investment Funds


From ensuring the company’s compliance to implementing and finalizing the fund's launch Guest: Judy for Investment Register Now  Investment funds in Turkey play an important role in promoting a supportive environment for SMEs, ensuring transparency in the treatment of international and local investors, and facilitating access to corporate finance in order to support their growth […]