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Featured Business – Energia Bio-Briquette

by Building Markets
December 14, 2009

Founded by the Haburas Foundation in 2009, Energia Bio-Briquette directly responds to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ recommendation that trees not be cut down and used for cooking fires in an innovative way. In addition to the construction of stoves,  6 local men from the Haburas Foundation that operate Energia Bio-Briquette produce briquettes from recycled materials that can be used as fuel for cooking fires.

Although the business currently operates on a small scale, it is looking for new ways to develop a distribution network, engage the community and promote its bio-friendly products. Haburas also provides training to the local community and members of the cooperatives, teaching how to construct the stoves and briquettes, as well as helping to develop new methods to improve the quality of their products.

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