Arsenault Family Foundation Issues $50,000 Challenge Grant to Support Peace Dividend Trust’s Economic Recovery Work in Timor-Leste

October 26th, 2010

AFF Matching Grant Letter

The Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) is pleased to announce that the Arsenault Family Foundation (AFF) has approved a 1:1 matching grant of $50,000 to support PDT’s Peace Dividend Marketplace in Timor-Leste. Please see the attached award letter from AFF for more information.

The Peace Dividend Marketplace project supports economic recovery by encouraging the international community and other buyers operating in Timor-Leste to buy locally available goods and services – wherever possible – rather than sourcing from firms abroad.  Operational since 2007, the project has helped redirect over $17 million (USD) into the Timor-Leste economy – creating jobs, building business and contributing to long-term peace and stability.

If you are interested in meeting AFF’s challenge or would like to make a contribution towards meeting the challenge, please contact Claire Parois in Dili at +670 332 2823 or by email at or Jennifer Holt in NYC at +1 212 922 0283 or by email at

PDT is a 501c3 public charity.  For more information on our work in Timor-Leste, please visit  For more information on PDT, please visit

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